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Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about What is a career settlement? The best and most complete

What Is A Residency and Prosperity? Meaning of Peace and Prosperity. How to talk about a life live and work which appeared from a very long time ago in life. Although this idiom is widely used and familiar to many Vietnamese people. But not everyone understands what this means. So What is settling-in career? In the new era, is this concept still valid? Let’s discuss this issue with us in the article information below!

Family is a launching pad for career

What is professional settlement?

The way to call settlement-peaceful karma is known as an idiom that appeared a long time ago in folklore. They are used as advice, drawing from previous generations’ experiences about an opinion and lifestyle. In a simple sense, this is a way of saying how to live peacefully and happily do business. However, it also depends on the situation and the effectiveness of each person. This phrase can also change its meaning to suit the context.

Here, from the perspective of real estate analysis, we would like to give the effective way of peaceful settlement. It is the settlement of residence first and then the focus on doing business and building a career. In other words, in this sense, the idiom is meant to be a piece of advice: you shouldn’t have your thoughts wandering around. You need to find a permanent place to live, to belong to yourself.

Then, take the foundation of this very stability to create the motivation to focus on work. It is also necessary to expand that, “settling down” here does not necessarily mean buying a new house is “settling down”. The rental of a house, apartment or fixed room. Bringing you comfort is also “settling down” to create the premise and foundation for the best “settlement”.

How to call live and work Not just in the last few years. In fact, they are idioms that have been around for a very long time. In the past, even settling down and then having a happy career became the life concept and lifestyle of many people. It represents a thoughtful and calculated way of life.

Is it right to settle down and settle down?

The two words “settlement”, “happy career” are often separated. Became the concern of many people. Is it right to settle down and then lose a job? Should you settle down, lose your job or not?

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In fact, it is very difficult to answer with absolute accuracy on both sides of this idiom. By:

A lot of people think that it is really necessary to have a stable home. Only then will your personal life be undisturbed. Only then can people work wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, and devote themselves to the career. Owning a home will make your personal life free. There is a place to go to and a place where you can rest and relax after hard working hours. Thus, the importance of settlement is extremely great.

However, there are also many people who say that, when young, the important thing is still career. Young people should not have the mentality of preparing too early for accommodation. You can completely choose to stay in, rent a house and win financial resources (capital) to get lost. Thus, when you are stable and rich, you can choose to buy the house you want. At that time, it was not too late to lose a job and then settle down.

Settling down and having a career is a way of life that many people desire
Settling down and having a career is a way of life that many people desire

Settling down a career or a career, settling down?

Thus, with the above two cases, each definition and opinion has its own arguments. Clearly, live and work Up to now, it is still a certain correct view of life. However, they are not absolute. Some people choose to “settle down” first. But there are also many people who decide to choose “lost career” to seek the desire to rise up, get rich and then “settle down”.

The importance of having a place to go is very necessary, especially for young people. Because you can’t just rent a house or wander around just to find a suitable rental house. The real disturbance in life will be huge if you can’t get yourself a place to live and work. That is also the reason that in the old saying: “buy buffalo, get married. Making a house” is always the 3 important things of an adult. Owning a home should be the goal. Destination should be completed early so that you really have some lifestyle stability. From there, build a solid foundation for the future.

It should be understood that, in the question of the ancients, “settlement” is also expanded in meaning. It is a way of talking about peace and stability, not only materially but also spiritually. Meanwhile, “lost career” is not simply a career but it is also about finding your own life purpose and ideal. Therefore, it can be understood, whether it is settled or happy karma first, the highest destination of life. It’s still about you living with joy, being yourself.

Settling down in a peaceful career – a problem that needs to be understood thoroughly

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However, it is necessary to say it again. In fact, if you choose to “settle down” but you do not have enough finance, you have to take out a large debt to buy a house. After that, life revolved around debt and every priority of monthly income. It’s all about debt just because of the “room to get in and out” then this is really not good. It will make your life stressful, anxious and unbalanced. The pressure of debt will also make it impossible for you to work safely or live happily and freely every day.

In short, it can be said that the selection of live and work or inverted language: lost career and then settled down depends on each person’s personal situation and situation. You need to be someone who knows what you want. How do you orient your work or life? What is the ability to accumulate? Only then can you make the right choice. Determining your lifestyle should be based on your own desires. This is a question that most young people need to answer on their own. Because no matter what lifestyle you choose, you need to work hard every day. Accept the pressure to be able to reach the desired goal soon.

This issue is completely non-standard, they are based on the will and individual circumstances of each person. So please consider and consider carefully to answer your question!

The problem of settling down and having a job in the context of fluctuations in the housing market?

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Along with living views around the issue live and work. When referring to this idiom, people often refer to the issue of housing and land. Because they are closely associated with the “settlement” factor. The analysis below will help you better understand this.

It can be said that most of the people who are concerned about settling down or having a happy career are young people. Right now they are facing many crossroads in life. Therefore, choosing whether to buy a house later with setting up a business is not really easy to answer.

How is the ability of young people to buy a house today?

With the above analysis, young people clearly should have early determination of settlement. In terms of real estate, they are really a must-have. Because, owning a house for yourself as soon as possible means you take advantage. Get a good price frame and buy a house at a much more reasonable price.

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For example, in the city. Ho Chi Minh, for the past 5 years. According to real estate experts, house prices have increased rapidly by more than 50-60%. And the supply of affordable housing is increasingly scarce. At the time of 2015, the average price of apartments is about 20-21 million VND/m2, but so far. In the inner city, this price bracket has increased to 35-36 million VND/m2 for mid-range apartments. Thus, within only 5 years, the growth rate of housing is indeed dizzying. Compared to the income of many young people, this gap is even bigger.

This example has shown that, if you already have a certain amount of money, you should consider buying a house. Sometimes, you may lack a little capital to own a home. At this point, it is completely possible to think of a plan to borrow more to buy and then pay off the debt gradually. This is actually a smart decision because it’s the same amount 5 years later. It is not certain that you can own yourself a home like you want.

What is the meaning of peaceful settlement?
What is the meaning of peaceful settlement?

Buying a house early….what to gain, what to lose?

In fact, before the problem of live and work. Many young people today have foresight and have a lot of plans for the future. Many people decide to buy a home early. To be able to take advantage of the reasonable price of the real estate market. This decision has brought many benefits. They help you get your own home, settle down for a long life.

However, it is also necessary to consider the issue of buying a house early objectively. Because if finance is not open, if you borrow too much or even usury. Borrowing black credit just to buy a house, this will really make life much more stressful and difficult.

Accepting to buy a house early to settle down – happiness is synonymous. With that you need to clearly define your plans for the future. With that, please remember, just settle down. When you have a solid financial foundation to buy a house or don’t have too much debt.

Hopefully, with detailed analysis. The above details will help you better understand live and work In the years 2021. Buying a house or starting a business first has its own meaning and purpose. Therefore, be smart and wise before your own decisions so that life is always free. Be yourself and get certain results!


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