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Thach SanhThach SanhThach SanhThach SanhThach SanhThach Sanh

Understand the content and meaning of Thach Sanh story and some typical characteristics of the heroic character in the story. Can tell story. Consciously avoid convex and know how to correct errors: repeating words, confusing words near sound. Once upon a time in Cao Binh district”) there was an elderly couple without children. Although the family is poor and has to go to the forest to cut firewood every day in exchange for rice to support themselves, they often help people. Seeing that they were kind, the Jade Emperor” sent the crown prince “to be reincarnated”) as his son. Since then, the wife has become pregnant, but it has been several years without giving birth. Then the husband fell ill and died. Only later did the wife give birth to a son. When the boy grew up, his mother died. He lives alone in the old hut built under the banyan tree, the whole fortune” has only one hammer left by his father. People call him Thach Sanh. In the year Thach Sanh began to know how to use a hammer, the Jade Emperor sent an angel “to teach all martial arts and all miracles. One day, a liquor store named Ly Thong passed there. Seeing Thach Sanh carry a large load of firewood, he thought to himself: “This person is as strong as an elephant. It’s very beneficial to stay with him.” Ly Thong Lan made a conversation, then asked Thach Sanh to make a brotherhood. Early orphaned parents, four late fathers without a body’, now someone takes care of her, Thach Sanh was touched and happily accepted. He said goodbye to the banyan tree and came to live with his mother and daughter, Ly Thong.61 At that time, there were many miracles in the area where the ogre” had many miracles, often eating people. The military officers had come to the siege many times to try to destroy it but could not do anything. The people had to set up a shrine for it. Every year, they gave up a human life for the ogre to eat so it wouldn’t wreak havoc. That year, it was Ly Thong’s turn to surrender. His mother and son thought of tricking Thach Sanh to die instead. That afternoon, while waiting for Thach Sanh to return firewood, Ly Thong prepared a tray of wine and meat to invite to eat, then said: – Tonight, it’s your turn to watch the temple, because I don’t store the batch of wine, I work hard for you. come back in the morning. Thach Sanh honestly said to go right away. At midnight, Thach Sanh was half-closed, when the ogre behind the temple appeared, bared his fangs, raised his claws to pounce on him, Thach Sanh reached for a hammer to hit back. Even crystallized magic, turn-in-the-darkness. Thach Sanh did not flinch, using many martial arts to beat the monster. In a moment, the blade of his hammer had split it in two. Even the original form is a “giant” python, it died leaving a set of golden bows and arrows, Thach Sanh cut off the monster’s head and picked up the bow and arrow set. Ly Thong’s mother and daughter were sleeping when they suddenly heard a knock at the door. Thinking that the unjust soul of Thach Sanh appeared, his mother and son panicked, begging and begging. When Thach Sanh entered the house to tell the story of killing ogre, they returned to their senses. But Li Thong suddenly came up with another plan. Han said: – That python belongs to the king who has adopted it for a long time. Now that I kill it, it is inevitable that I will be punished with death. Well, it’s not morning yet, let’s hide now. Something for him to take care of at home. Thach Sanh honestly believed right away. He hurriedly bid farewell to his mother and daughter, returning to the old hut under the banyan tree to collect firewood to support himself. And Ly Thong happily brought the monster’s head to the capital and handed it over to the king. He was praised by the king and made a Duke”). The king had a princess who had just reached the age of marriage. The princes of many countries sent messengers to ask the princess to be his wife, but no one pleased her. The king had to organize a large festival for the princes of all countries and the sons of the world to attend, so that the princess on the upper floor would throw a lucky ball: whenever the ball fell on someone, the princess would marry that person. When the princess was about to throw the ball, suddenly she was picked up by an eagle”62 The giant eagle flew over Thach Sanh’s hut. Seeing it, Thach Sanh immediately shot with a golden bow and arrow. The arrow hit the big board. It was injured but managed to fly back to the cave in the deep mountains. Thach Sanh tracked down the blood trail and found its whereabouts. From the day the princess went missing, the king was in great pain. The king sent Ly Thong to find him, promising to marry the princess and pass the throne to him. Both happy and scared, Li Thong did not know what to do. Finally, he ordered the people to hold a singing festival for ten days to listen to Eight, nine days passed, he still didn’t know anything. On the tenth day, he suddenly met Thach Sanh going to see the festival. Listening to Ly Thong talk about finding the princess, Thach Sanh honestly told the story of having shot the wounded eagle and knew the eagle’s lair. Ly Thong was overjoyed and asked him to lead the way to the monster’s cave. Arriving, Thach Sanh asked to go down to the cave to save the princess. The soldiers took a long rope and tied it to his back and then the line Χuόηg hang. The eagle was originally a demon in the mountains, with many miracles. Although seriously injured, but when he saw Thach Sanh, it immediately got up, swung its wings, and rushed forward with its claws. Thach Sanh used a golden bow and arrow to blindly shoot both eyes, swinging a hammer to cut off sharp claws, and split the monster’s head in two. Then he tied the rope around the princess, signaling the Ly Thong army to pull up. He was waiting for the line to descend, unexpectedly, after bringing the princess up, Ly Thong immediately ordered the soldiers to roll large rocks to cover the cave entrance. Knowing that Ly Thong harmed himself, Thach Sanh tried to find a way up. At the end of the cave, he saw a handsome young man locked in an iron cage, that was the crown prince, the son of King Thuy Te “”. Thach Sanh used a golden bow to smash the iron cage, saving the crown prince. The Prince escaped, thanked him wholeheartedly, invited him down to play at the water palace. King Thuy Te was happy to see his son again, and treated Thach Sanh very well. When he returned, the king offered a lot of gold and silver, but Thach Sanh did not accept it, only asked for a guitar. He returned to the root of the banyan tree. An ogre and a wandering eagle, one day met to discuss revenge on Thach Sanh. They entered the king’s storehouse to steal wealth and bring it to hide at the root of the banyan tree to slander Thach Sanh. Thach Sanh was arrested. Again, the unfortunate princess, since being rescued to the palace, has been mute. All day long, he did not speak, did not smile, his face was sad. The king had to postpone the wedding, and sent Ly Thong to invite a doctor to treat him. Many good doctors were invited, but no one could cure the princess. One day, Thach Sanh sat in a dungeon, took the lute of King Thuy Te to play. The sound of the piano reached the palace and reached the princess’s ears. As soon as she heard the piano, the princess suddenly laughed and said happily. She asked her father to call a lute player to the palace. The king was surprised, sent Thach Sanh to come. In front of everyone, he told his story from beginning to end, from making friends with Ly Thong to cutting an ogre, killing an eagle, saving a princess, being blocked by Ly Thong and finally being unjustly arrested in prison. . Only then did people understand. The king ordered the arrest of mother and daughter Ly Thong, and handed them over to Thach Sanh for trial. He didn’t kill them, but sent them home to do business. But about halfway, they were struck by lightning, and then turned into scarab beetles. The king married the princess to Thach Sanh. Their wedding ceremony was the most jubilant in history, never and never had such a jubilant wedding ceremony. Seeing this, the princes of the vassal countries “who had been kissed by the princess before” were angry. They gathered soldiers from all eighteen countries to fight. Thach Sanh asked the king not to move 64 troops.” He alone took the guitar to the front of the enemy. As soon as the sound of his lute was played, the eighteen-country soldier’s hands and feet trembled, and he could no longer think about fighting. In the end the princes had to take off their armor and beg. Thach Sanh ordered to prepare a meal to treat the losers. Tens of thousands of generals and soldiers saw that Thach Sanh only let out a tiny amount of rice, pouted, and did not want to hold chopsticks. Knowing the idea, Thach Sanh challenged them to eat all the rice and promised to reward those who ate it all. Soldiers of the eighteen countries ate and ate forever, but the tiny pot of rice kept filling up. They bowed their heads to the Thach Sanh couple and pulled each other back to the country. Later, the king had no son and ceded the throne to Thach Sanh. (According to Nguyen Dong Chi and Vu Ngoc Phan)Notes (1) Cao Binh: formerly belonged to Thach Lam district, now belongs to Hoa An district, Cao Bang province, (2) Ngoc Hoang: in folk tales is the highest deity residing. reign in heaven.5-NW61-A 65 (3) Crown Prince: the king’s son, who was chosen to succeed the king later. (4). Reincarnate; the soul enters a fetus to be born into another life (according to religious concepts). (5) Wealth: the personal property of a person, a family (family: house, wealth: wealth). (6) Angel: the god of heaven (heaven: heaven, as opposed to earth: earth). (7) Quartet: no body (idiom): no one is a relative (four: four, try: look back; go: no; body: relative, relative); Original meaning: to look around without relatives. (8). Even-awake: a type of youkai in myths and fairy tales. (9) Python: a large snake living in the rainforest, without venom, with footprints on its hind legs, which can catch and eat quite large animals. (ten). Duke : duke (a duke crowned by the king), second rank after Quach, (11), Eagle: raptor, large size, long and wide wings, feathered feet up to toes, lives in high mountains . (twelfth). King Thuy Te: king in the water (also known as Long Vuong), according to folk beliefs. (13). A vassal state: a country that is dependent, must submit to another (stronger) country. (14). To renounce marriage: to refuse to marry or to annul an engaged marriage. (15). Mobilization: mobilizing the army to prepare for war Talking about the birth and growth of Thach Sanh like that, in your opinion, what do the people want to show? 2. Before being married to the princess, what challenges did Thach Sanh have to go through? What qualities did Thach Sanh reveal through those trials? 3. In the story, the two characters Thach Sanh and Ly Thong are always opposite in character and action. Let’s point out this opposition.66 5-NV61-BThe story of Thach Sanh has many magical details, the most outstanding of which is just the sound of the lute and the rice cooker serving the soldiers of the eighteen vassal countries. Let me give you the meaning of those details. Discussion: In the end of the story, mother and daughter Ly Thong must die, and Thach Sanh is allowed to marry the princess and become king. Through this ending, what do our people want to express? Is that ending common in fairy tales? Let’s give some examples. Remember Thach Sanh is a fairy tale about a hero who killed ogre, killed an eagle, saved the victim, unmasked the ungrateful and resisted the invaders. The story expresses our people’s dreams, beliefs about morality, social justice and humanitarian ideals and love for peace. The story has many unique and meaningful magical details (such as the strange birth and growth of Thach Sanh, the golden bow and arrow, the magic harp, the magic rice cooker, etc.). If you were to draw an illustration for Thach Sanh’s story, which part of the story would you choose to draw? Why ? How would you name that illustration? 2. Tell the story of Thach Sanh expressively.Read More Dan cried: Who cut the ogre Cho rattan” Bay Hien predicts his book to ? Ε)an Keu : Aichém Xa νιΙΟηg Bring the princess of the imperial court here? Dan cried: Oh Ly Thong, why are you sifting through the filial piety. Hidden death? Dan cried: Why in inhumane people know how to eat fruit but forget the favor of the grower? (Nom Tales of Thach Sanh)(a). You: only Ly Thong.

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