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Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about Literature of 12 river boatmen the best

Video Literature 12 people driving river boats

Compose the shortest song Da river boatman (Nguyen Tuan) in 2021

A. Prepare lesson Song Da boatman (Nguyen Tuan) (shortest)

Question 1 (page 192 Textbook of Literature 12, Volume 1):

Da river boatman is the result of art gained from the arduous and exciting trip of writer Nguyen Tuan to the Northwest. – The work takes realistic materials, which are vivid, realistic and specific. – Specific and detailed description from many different angles + From the plane, the Da River looks like a rope + Directly sitting on a boat to join the journey on the Da River → The writer has observed very carefully and study carefully when writing about the Da River and the Da River ferryman.

Sentence 2 (page 192 of Textbook of Literature 12, Volume 1):

– Unique comparison: it bellows like a thousand buffaloes in the middle of the forest, bamboo forest, .. – Duplicate sentence structures: water buckets of ice, rocks and waves, and the wind blows all year round. – Personification: The surface of the water shouted loudly.. rushed in and broke the oar handle, the guy fighting at the entrance had already lost his green face.. → The rhetoric makes the Da River stand out with its wild power, grandeur, ferocity, boldness in front of the author’s delicate description

Question 3 (page 192 Textbook of Literature 12, Volume 1):

– The lyrical beauty of the Da River is shown through different perspectives when it is from above, sometimes it is observed from far to close, sometimes it is observed close-up. – Describing the lyrical features of the Da River, Nguyen Tuan has an unexpected association: + From the plane, he looks down at the Da River like a beauty: Da river flows like a lyrical hair, hair roots hidden in the clouds of the Northwest sky, blooming flowers in February.. + After a long time, meet the Da River as an old friend: sunny color in march + Letting a boat drift on the Da river, Da river like an unknown lover:deer, dew sirens, sound of dams, wild riverbanks, calm like prehistoric times – innocent like old fairy tales → Song Da is lyrical, gentle, and talented by Nguyen Tuan has brought lyrical paintings and paintings that captivate people’s hearts.

Question 4 (page 192, 193 Textbook of Literature 12, Volume 1):

– The image of the Da River ferryman in the battle with the violent Da River + He calmly and calmly confronts the violence and malice of the Da River rapids + The ferryman is described as a talented person , quick-witted, crossing the waterfall like riding a rapids, tearing layer after layer of microlithic particles + Death is next, but when the waterfall is over, the talented artist still: “leisurely lighting a fire in the cave, grilling bamboo rice tubes, talking about Anh Vu fish and seeming to forget the fight with the rapids earlier.” → Having both the posture of a hero and the style of a talented and amateur artist – The Northwest nature is as precious as gold, but the people of the Northwest are worthy of the ten gold of our country because + the description of life The fierce battle between that driver and the fierce waterfall looms before the reader’s eyes like a vibrant, attractive and dramatic movie. + The waterfall is as fierce as the enemy, like the ferocious animals are vividly represented by artistic methods: comparison, anthropomorphization + the ferryman is like a fake general rushing into the bagua map with countless dangers. evil, full of courage

Question 5 (page 193 Textbook of Literature 12, Volume 1):

– Personification measures + water breathes and sounds like a manhole is choking + the sound of water roaring…. + every rock face looks unruly, every island is wrinkled and distorted + the challenging cheers of the waves – The image of the Da river appears as fierce as a thug


1. Read the essay in its entirety 2. Feel the description of the beauty of the Da River from the plane looking down: I flew across……..a hybrid map – From the plane, look down at each stroke of the Da river. On the rocky ocean, the clouds are ignored + the words are long flowing, the soft rhythm of the poem depicts the peaceful beauty of the Da River + the comparison of the river like the lyrical hair showing the gentle beauty, …. – From above through the clouds, the writer discovered many beautiful colors of the Da River + the color of the Da River changes with the seasons + the river has never been as black as the French once called it.

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Lesson: The river boat driver – Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Anh (VietJack teacher)

B. Author

– Name: Nguyen Tuan (1910-1987)

– Hometown: Hanoi

– The process of literary activities, the resistance war

+ After finishing high school, he wrote and worked as a journalist

+ The August Revolution was successful, he came to the revolution, voluntarily used his pen to serve the resistance war

+ From 1948 to 1968, he was the General Secretary of the Vietnam Writers Association

+ Nguyen Tuan is a great writer, an artist who spends his life searching for beauty. He has a great position and no small role in Vietnamese literature

+ In 1996, he was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for literature and art by the State

– Artistic style: Nguyen Tuan’s artistic style has changed in his compositions before and after the August revolution, but the following consistent points can be seen:

+ Nguyen Tuan’s style can be summed up in one word “goosebumps”, in every page of his writing, Nguyen Tuan always wants to show his talent and erudition. Nguyen Tuan’s erudite talent is shown:

•• Discover and discover things in terms of aesthetics

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•• Looking at people in terms of talent, artists

•• Applying knowledge and understanding in many different fields to create an image

+ He is a writer of unique personalities, of intense emotions, feelings, of beautiful styles, …

+ Rich vocabulary, organized prose sentences full of visual value, with low-pitched music, flexible and talented harmony, sound mixing…

– Main works: Once upon a time, A trip, Thieu homeland, Song Da, Hanoi, we beat America well…

C. Works

– Origin and background of creation:

+ The work is the result of the trip to the North, both satisfying adventure and searching for the natural beauty and gold substance that has been tested by fire in the souls of the people who work and fight in the mighty mountains and rivers. it’s grand and dreamy

+ The Da River ferryman is an essay printed in Song Da (1960).

– Genre: Custom

– Summary

The story of crossing the Da River has been told by the writer with all the excitement about the power of man conquering nature, with all the drama and climax to honor the art of conquering the Da River stone waterfall. The fierce Da River, with its stone god and general, surrounded the lone boat, described by the writer in the rich language of the novel as evoking the breaking siege of the mighty general Trieu Tu Long storming the Cao army. Cao, besides, the writer has lines describing the portrait in his own witty voice: “Every rock face looks unruly, every stone is more wrinkled and distorted than the surface of the water here…” . The confrontation between people on a lone boat with “sunken bunkers and floating fortresses” in “fights and battles with ready-made battlefields” has a special attraction. Perhaps the writer envisioned the atmosphere of traditional wrestling when describing strength, wits and agility battles between humans and water kicks. The battle has pieces, there are plots, in the end the victory belongs to man, because “He already belongs to the law of ambush of rocks in this treacherous water”.

– Layout:


+ Part 1 (from the beginning to the “alum stick”): The fierce look of the Da river

+ Part 2 (continued to “Da river water”): The life of people on the Da River and the image of the Da river boatman

+ Part 3 (remaining): lyrical and poetic beauty of the Da River

– Narrative person (for story text): 3rd

Content value:

The Da River ferryman is a beautiful poem made from the passionate and passionate love of the country of a person who wants to use literature to praise the majestic, heroic and poetic beauty of nature. nature and especially of ordinary working people in the Northwest

+ The work also shows the hard work of art along with the talent and erudition of artist Nguyen Tuan in using words to recreate the wonders of creation and the miracles of human labor. .

– Artistic value:

+ Custom pen mixed with pen, flexible structure, applying a lot of cultural and artistic knowledge into the work

+ Characters have a simple, everyday style

+ Spelling: humorous combination between reality and romance

+ Modern language combined with ancient language

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